Team Ti-Lube/Brown Motorsports Nick Wey has had an uneventful start to his season. While there has been chaos going around him he's been putting in a couple of races just outside the top ten and is aiming to do a lot better this week if, as expected, he has to race in the mud this weekend in A2. I caught up to him yesterday to get some thoughts.

Nick, talk about your season so far.

Well, since the New Year I've been doing some dirt bike racing. It's been fun, the competition is tough for sure. It didn't' start out like I would've liked it to but I'm working on it. First things first, I need to get into the top ten in the points. And then keep moving on from there.

You're what, twelfth in the points?

Tied for eleventh, you know what I'm saying?

Yes I do. What's it like to ride the Kawasaki, this has been four different bikes in four years for you…

The Kawasaki is awesome, they have a real good bike. Pro Circuit is setting up the chassis and obviously they have a ton of experience with those bikes. Alan Brown and I are working on the motor and getting that going, it's been good. It's been a learning curve with me in regards to the EFI because you can really adjust the power with it. It's kind of crazy, the EFI is easily to adjust to each track and gives you a bunch of options.

How is it being on the new Ti-Lube team?

Last weekend the owners of Ti-Lube, Joe Murphy and his son came out to the race and they're helping out so much, actually the program wouldn't have happened without them. It's awesome that they're supporting the sport and myself really. Since riding for the team, I've been using their product and it works really good. I've been racing for so long that I remember my dad rocking the Spectro pre-mix, so I've been through all the oil out there and this stuff is really good. And I have to thank them for everything they do for me.

When you talk to Wey on the phone, you only get about 60% useable quotes. The rest of the time he's talking about the movie RAD or whatever...

When you talk to Wey on the phone, you only get about 60% useable quotes. The rest of the time he's talking about the movie RAD or whatever...

Do you like the part of having a bit of say in the team? I know you're a go-getter and don't just sit back and wait for people to bring you parts and things like that.

Well, it's not like it was a few years ago when there was more money floating around for teams like ours. We have to make it work the best we can, Alan is the team manager and the mechanic is a friend of mine from Michigan who also owns his own business called Mandingo Pickles. He's out there working on the bike, driving the truck and promoting the pickle business. Alan is working hard and with the way things are, we have to all do things. I went out and called my friends that I've been with for a while and tried to get some money into the team, just doing my part.

What about your mechanic Big Nasty? How's he liking it?

As you can see in my Twitter (dewitt27) he keeps getting tickets in my neighborhood because they think he's driving a delivery van. Other than that, he's been doing good but he's going to need to get more pickles sent out here because the demand has been high. He needs a pallet of them things sent out as soon as possible. His flow seems to be getting bigger and bigger because people are really getting on-board his pickle train.

Hopefully when he ships them out, he does a better job than he did with mine because one jar broke upon arrival at my house.

Yeah, hopefully he learns from that.

Anything happen with you taking Reed's spot on that team, did you call Mike Fisher, he call you or what?

Nope, I've just been doing my thing and trying to get better. Obviously I have a great group of sponsors like Ti-Lube, Brown Motorsports, Babbits Kawasaki and MSR is behind me as usual. If something came up, I'd have to look at it but as it is we have a great group of people behind us and if we could get some more support out of this deal then that would be great but otherwise, we'll just keep on what we're doing.

No riding supercross riding this week?

Clearly you're not checking my Twitter.

You said you were riding but I figured you meant outdoor…

Oh no, we went out to Villopoto's place and his track was sweet. I rode a little bit yesterday and a lot today. (Jake) Wiemer was out there and so was (Ryan) Morais. That was interesting scenario because they are going at it and then they are practicing together.

So if it's muddy, you have to be feeling good. You're good in the mud right?

I don't have the mafia patch for nuthin son.