Connor Kilmartin | TWMXRS Racer Profile

El Dorado Nationals Rd. 1

By Chase Curtis

Connor Kilmartin, 16

Hometown: Gilroy, CA

Sponsors: Faultline Powersports, Thor, Elusive Graphics, Factory Connection, Torc 1 Racing, All American KTM, Ride Dunlop, Kpad, Kilmartin Racing

Connor Kilmartin is one example of the fun and exciting racers that attend the TWMX Race Series. The Gilroy California resident usually races a 250cc, but was forced to race his brothers 450cc at round one of the TWMXRS El Dorado Nationals, after cracking the frame on his 250cc. You can find Connor at almost every TWMX race having fun with his friends, and battling in the Novice and Open Non-Pro classes. His personality and sense of humor make the 16-year-old worth getting to know.

What got you into motocross?
My mom trains horses, so she needed something to get around the property. We bought her a dirt bike, and thats when my dad started buying bikes. Since then, my racing and riding has progressed over the years.

When did you start riding and racing?
I've been riding dirt bikes for nine years now, and racing them for about eight of those years.

Why are you racing a 450cc today?
I cracked my frame on my 250cc yesterday at practice, so I'm pulling out my brothers old race bike for today. The 450cc is a lot different, but I’m excited to race it today.

Which do you prefer, your 250cc or the 450cc?
I like the 250cc more, it is so much easier to man-handle and control. If I get bucked or hit a weird line on the 250cc, it's a lot easier to bring the bike back to where I want it and not end up crashing. The 450cc is a lot of fun though, the bigger jumps are much easier thanks to the extra power. All the power makes a 450cc harder to control though, it's really easy to loop out on a 450cc.

Who's faster, your brother or you?
Uhh. Now-a-days I am. However, back when I first got the 250cc, He was faster than me. I've just got a lot better and more comfortable on the big bike recently.

Talk to us about Kilmartin Racing…
Kilmartin Racing is a little team my dad put together, It's pretty much myself and a group of friends. My dad gets good deals from Faultline Powersports up in Hollister California, so we get all our parts through them. We also go to the local tracks together and train with each other.

What do you enjoy besides racing motocross?
I love to golf. I also just got into RC cars, and that's pretty fun.

What is your favorite track-snack?
Well besides the girls, Bananas. (laughs)