Cornerstone Motocross Park Opening in Houston

Houston, Texas December 1, 2008 – Houston, we have a new location to ride motocross. It's Cornerstone Motocross Park, and it is now available for your riding pleasure. After months of designing, redesigning and several test rides, Cornerstone Motocross Park is now open to the public. Key riders from beginner to pros have been invited to Cornerstone over the past couple of months to ensure that this new track will be best suited for all levels of motocross riders. Thanksgiving weekend was the big grand opening as riders from the greater Houston area were able to take laps on the fun new circuit.
Cornerstone has a great mix of soil consisting of clay and sand. This combined with a unique layout make this a must ride for motocrossers of all skill levels. The signature obstacle on the track is a large mound of dirt that banks a huge left hand turn. Other fun sections include the rolling sand woops, a flowing rhythm section and easy step-up table tops. A beginner can easily clear the step-up part, while the more seasoned rider will clear the step-up and table together.
This is only the beginning for Cornerstone. There are plans for an air conditioned spectator viewing tower and some other nice things that will be discussed at a later date.
Cornerstone is owned and operated by motocrossers for motocrossers and they understand the needs of today's riders. Cornerstone will be open from Wednesdays through Sundays. Opening most of those days mid morning and closing at sunset. In the immediate future you can expect a starting gate and race action in 2009. For complete information you can go to, and receive up to the minute track conditions along with photos, fees and other important information.