May 20th, 2013 Irvine, CA — Do you want to relive the great history of motorcycling, learn more about the amazing bikes and personalities that helped build the sport or simply find your name in the results section from races long ago? For nearly 50 years, Cycle News has covered the sport of motorcycling with a weekly magazine. Now, for the price of a regular magazine, you can get online access to all 2,300+ back issues ofCycle News.

"It's amazing to have almost 50 years of Cycle News at your fingertips," says Paul Carruthers, longtime editor of the weekly publication. "The staff has always had the archives available in bound volumes to turn to since day one. Now we're giving that same opportunity to the rest of the world."

The issues are organized by decades, starting with the 1960s and spanning nearly six decades to the current 2013 issues. While these weekly snapshots of motorcycling history may be priceless, access to the digital archives is much more affordable: A subscription is just $1.99 for three months of access, or $4.99 for a full year of access to each decade.

Better yet, the Cycle News Archives can be read on any device equipped with a web browser (MAC, PC, tablets like the iPad or your smart phone). You can also use up to three devices with the same subscription.

"I'm really pleased to see how this archival process turned out," adds Carruthers. "I just hope we don't disrupt too many relationships or get too many people fired because they can't stop re-living the past."

You can get more information on how to sign up and links to a few free samples here:

ABOUT CYCLE NEWS: One of the most respected news sources in the motorcycle industry for more than 40 years, Cycle News has evolved into a leading website and weekly digital magazine. The new digital magazine pulls together the week's top news stories and features into a "made for digital" format that is pleasant to read on a computer screen or tablet computer. Cycle News is the leading source for timely news and information on the sport and the motorcycle industry. Both formats provide everything from technical information on the newest motorcycles to race coverage from around the world to interviews with a wide range of personalities from every corner of the sport.