Davalos, Tickle, Glover, Watson On DMXS Radio Tonight

DMXS was there for Pro Circuit's Martin Davalos’ first podium in the US, and we're pleased to say his first win, too.  They just happened to both go down in the Georgia Dome, but the location made little difference to Martin.  He was just appreciative that all the years of hard work and perseverance paid off. We're glad to share the win with him on the show tonight.

RCH's Broc Tickle looked fantastic on the technical Atlanta track from the very first practice.  Unfortunately, the infamous t-bone incident overshadowed the night for Broc, but we wanted to make sure to convey the bigger picture with Broc's progress this season.  We've known Broc and his family since amateurs and are well aware of his unconventional path to the top of the sport after turning pro.  He's always been a tough kid that has earned everything along the way, and that is the more important story.

I was fortunate enough to sit in on Dunlop's round table discussion in Atlanta and was blown away with the commitment, development and dedication they execute behind the scenes of our sport every day.  Their support of the riders and making sure the teams are happy is truly amazing.  I wanted to get Broc Glover on to elaborate on some of the timely tire issues and give our listeners a little peak behind the scenes with Dunlop and their much anticipated launch of the all-new MX32 and MX52 tires. www.dunlopmotorcycle.com

You don't get more OG in our sport that RCH's Kenny Watson.  We love to catch up with Kenny to get his take on just about everything he's willing to discuss publically.  He's known for his brash honesty and our listeners appreciate the candor.

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