Davi Millsaps | On The Mend

DM 18 Out For Monster Energy Cup


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Did you notice the lack of action photos with Davi Millsaps in our gallery with the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/KTM team last week? There’s a reason for the absence of the 18. An ongoing wrist injury has put the newly crowned Rockstar Energy Canadian National champion on the sidelines for the offseason and the upcoming Monster Energy Cup, which Millsaps won in 2014. With a therapy routine now in effect, Millsaps is slated to swing a leg over the bike near the end of the month.

You've been missing over the last few weeks due to an injury at the final round of the Canadian Nationals. What exactly happened?

I over-jumped a jump at the last round, halfway through the first moto. I thought that I just jammed it really badly, so I took a few weeks off. It didn't get any better and I still can't put any pressure on it. I had an MRI and an x-ray done, which showed a couple of tears but they said it wasn't a big deal and that they were going to get better. But I waited another two weeks and there was no improvement. So I had it scoped and found out that one ligament was completely torn, but that it just looked like it was partially torn on the MRI. So they fixed that and a nerve that was pinched. I tore the ligament off of my thumb at San Diego, so they fixed that. I woke up with all of it done.

What's recovery time for all of this?

I've started therapy on it and hopefully I can start riding in three or four weeks. But we'll see.

Is it just a nuisance, that you can't do anything with your wrist right now or can you still train somewhat?

They think with some therapy that I'll have the full range of motion, but it'll tight for a little while. I'll be able to get through it.


When you go to the doctor and they see your knees and hips, do they just wonder what the hell you're doing?

A long time ago [Laughs].

With that, you should get on the bike around early November?

I'm hoping the end of October or early November. We'll see. If I can get movement with my wrist, I'll go ride. If I can take the pressure with the bike, I'll go ride. But right now there's no way that I can. There's too much swelling inside the joint and that's what hurts me so bad.

Can you do anything, like ride a bicycle or run?

I can cycle indoors because I can't move much of my wrist. But I can run and swim.

This is the same team that it was last year, just with a new title sponsor.

Yeah, and that's the biggest change. Other than that it's the same bike, which is nice. It's not been very often in the last few years that I've stayed on the same bike for two years in a row. Other than that, I have a new trainer and I'm working with Tyla Rattray now, that's been happening since the Canadian rounds.

Are you still with Ezra Lusk?

No, Yogi and I are fine but we're not together anymore. He has a family and kids that are growing up, and it's harder for him to travel. I understand, I have a family of my own. I appreciate everything that he did for me over the last five years and he was one of the best that I ever worked with.


When I was growing up, Yogi was the man to me. Was it the same for you, because he was from Georgia?

Always, dude. He used to live near me and I went to his track a couple of times but we didn't talk until 2010. He was always one of the best with his work and dedication, and what he put into it is what separated him from a lot of people.

With Tyla, this is a step for KTM to keep everything together and you'll be around some younger kids. How does that feel?

I'm still young, not that old [Laughs]. It makes it fun and during the summer I got to ride with the TLD guys and Dean when he was here. It's fun to have a little spunk and energy with them when you get to the track. When you're old and they're young, the energy rubs off on you.

Canada was great and it helped you rebuild for the Nationals for next year.

That was the plan, but I never thought about the summer before that to be honest with you. I was Supercross-only and we had vacations planned for the summer. There was no plan to race outdoors last summer for me, so when I got the phone call it was more, "of course I will." That's what KTM wanted me to do and they helped me out when I was in a bad situation. I had a lot of fun and it was a good atmosphere.

Will you stay in California all year or will you go to Florida for the summer?

For Supercross we will stay out here and then maybe for the summer we will go to Florida for a little bit. I would like to go back east, somewhere other than California, for the Nationals.

You ran air suspension components last year, so will you do the same this year?

I ran air forks in Canada and as of right now it's still up in the air. I'll run a traditional spring shock for sure, though.