DBcustoms to present Privateer Award at Millville

DBcustoms to present custom helmet as award for the Whoop Monster Privateer Award at the Spring Creek National.

When the Whoop Monster called a few months ago, wondering if we would like to be involved in his annual Whoop Monster Privateer Award, we decided to do up a helmet to remember this day of July 18th 2009. The Whoop Monster (AKA Gerry Havican), picks one well deserving privateer every year, and presents them with a cash reward to help out with expenses.

Unfortunately we know all too well, that in this game of Motocross, there tends to be more off days than on. More disappointments than rejoicing when chasing the next place. But every now and then, everything goes right, and these are the perfect days of MX, that keep us going. These far-few, and in between successful days keep us from quitting even after all of the nagging injuries and defeats fought through.

We wanted to help be part of one privateer's day that everything went right, and smooth. Hopefully, this piece of art will help that one privateer to remember that those days do come around, and do happen.