Dealer Expo 2012: Motion Pro products

Motion Pro is one of the top leading Motorycle tools, cables, and controls specialists in the industry. They released several new products at Dealer Expo 2012 that help aid in repairs and maintenance.

One of the most important products from Motion Pro at Dealer Expo 2012 was the Titan Throttle Tube 2 – one of the toughest and smoothest throttle tubes now on the market. Most tubes are made of brittle plastic that break or aluminum that creates rattles and vibration. The Titan 2 is composed of a proprietary low-friction composite plastic material to becomes the strongest throttle tube on the market.

Many other Motion Pro products were released at the show such as Nitro Tape (self-fusing silicone tape), Ergo Spoke Wrench Set, and new Mini Brake Bleeders. You can check you many other Motion Pro products at and see a top 40 list of products you may have missed at Dealer Expo 2012.