DMXS Radio 500th Show Tonight

RC – Bailey – DC – Weege – Ping – Wey on DMXS Radio's 500th Show Tonight!

DMXS Radio wants to thank all of those that have supported our fledgling little show for the past eleven years and we are keenly aware that we could have never reached this 500th show milestone without it. There are far too many folks to individually thank, but you know who you are and we're eternally grateful. Join us tonight as we walk down the memory start-straight and revisit some of our favorite memories with friends that have been with us from the very beginning.

We have been fortunate to be covering motocross during such a defining time as the sport continues to grow and evolve far past what we ever thought as kids buzzing around on XR's. Watching Ricky Carmichael ascend through his career was certainly a highlight and he's been a friend to DMXS from day one. He set the bar as a rider and continues to forge the way for those hoping to follow his transition from two to four wheels. We'll get his take on the upcoming SX season and hear the latest on the third annual Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Championship in March. There is some news and updates coming on RC's mobile game, Motocross Matchup, so check out for the latest.

I doubt we would have made it past a year or two without the support of Davey Coombs. He is by far the most influential single person that believed in us and helped in every step along the way. DC has been an integral part of our little family and a true comrade in arms. We're glad he could share our special evening.

David Bailey made us legit. It's that simple. He understood what we were trying to accomplish and dug it, embraced it, and basically put his legendary status on the line by being associated with us. Thanks for taking the chance on us, David.

I could make some witty and disparaging comments about Jason Weigandt like we usually do, but we love this guy. We knew him when he started out as a young intern at Racer X and couldn't be more proud of his success in the sport. We're just glad he still takes our calls and isn't too big for us….yet.

Those many weeks when David Pingree and Jeff Emig were in-studio while in Atlanta voicing over the nationals were pure magic. The times we had off the air and not suitable for our listeners will go down as some of our fondest memories. Pingree immediately fit in with our tomfoolery and hijinks and has been an honorary host ever since. Always fun when the Oak Ridge Boy's biggest fan is on with us.

No DMXS anniversary of any kind is complete without Michigan Mafia's Nick Wey. He holds the record for the most memorable one-liners and most chiseled jaw bone of any guest over the years. We're still trying to legally adopt him.

We want to welcome on ONE Industries as a new show sponsor for the upcoming race season and we will be offering up tons of giveaway swag to our listeners during the show. Make sure to visit for their new 2012 gear lineup! They are offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!

DMXS Radio also thanks our wives, Racer X, MX Sports, GoPro Cameras, OGIO, Concept2Rowers, Coach Robb Beams,, Vurb Moto and Skull Candy for their continued support!
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