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Canard / Tedesco / Short / Wey / and More on DMXS Radio Tonight!

The 64th running of the FIM Red Bull Motocross des Nations at Thunder Valley MX Park came down to the final moto just as you would expect with the world's best riders racing for the coveted Chamberlain Cup win. When the final checkered flag waved for the day, it was Team USA that continued their impressive winning streak that was made even sweeter on American soil. We are proud to welcome on Andrew Short and Trey Canard for a final wrap-up of the weekend and thoughts since the monumental win for their country.

Ivan Tedesco has been a part of three winning MXdN teams and knows what it's like to share the burden of an entire country on his shoulders in hostile territory with wins in Italy, France and the UK. Hotsauce has been on our show since the early days and we thought it was a good time to catch up with our friend and see how things are looking for next year.

Michigan's Nick Wey had an iPhone crisis last week and had to be bumped to tonight's show. There was a small riot that was quickly contained with some water cannons after he missed the last show, but you know the fans were going to get their Wey fix sooner than later.

Speaking of cool-ass things from Michigan, the 2nd Annual Great Lakes Grand Prix takes place this weekend at the Ostego Club and Resort of Gaylord, Michigan. Picture a ski resort taken over by motocross riders and fanatics tearing up a 3.7 mile loop over 1,100 acres. This has to be on the bucket list of anyone within driving distance with a bike. The weekend will also include ski-lift spectating, water-balloon launching, and a freaking dodge ball tourney. Mix all that with the comforts of a resort and you have a weekend the entire family can enjoy. Corey and Ben Bixby will be on to give us all the latest details on the event. You can check out some the clips from last year's GP on YouTube, and check out for more information.

Docy Andrews in the President of Impact Video Distributing and continues to be one the hardest working women in our sport. You can still find her in the trenches with a video camera covering the sport she loves, especially the amateurs. Docy began the Mini Warriors' franchise and has featured just about every motocross star for the last several generations. She will join us tonight with some cool news about the future of Mini Warriors and other projects with Impact and extreme sports. Check out their entire line-up at
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