DMXS Radio Tonight

Dungey – Barcia – Canard – Hahn on DMXS Radio Tonight!

Do you know what is so easy a caveman could do it? Pulling for Trey Canard no matter what the "Little Ginger" is doing. We've known him for several years before he was famous and can sincerely say he's the same genuine person that he has always been. Whether he's sweeping all his classes at Loretta Lynn's, or scoring his first big boy supercross race win, Trey is a peach. We're excited to help him celebrate a little longer on the show tonight.

Ryan Dungey bounced back with some fire in his belly from the mechanical DNF last week like any worthy champion does. It was great to see the competitive juices flowing again as Ryan gained a few valuable points on the leaders in Houston while battling for the win on a difficult track. Look for him to build on that momentum this weekend in San Diego.

The racing moved back to the "right" coast last weekend and fans got their first look at the new stable of Lites riders in Houston. There was plenty of action and our southern neighbor Justin "Bam Bam" Barcia was right in the middle of it. It looks like Justin is setting the tone for an interesting series with his signature aggressive style while taking the win at the opener. We'll get into all that and more tonight with the blonde bearded prodigy.

Wil Hahn is well into his recovery and will give us an update on the progress tonight and break down the east coast race. He also has some repairs to make to his reputation after his weak rapping skills left the DMXS faithful in shock. We're hoping he brings his best stuff tonight for a little redemption. Are you listening, Lil Wil?

Don't forget to call into to our toll-free 1-855-HEY-DMXS line to vent about whatever is on your mind. We've already received some classic ones and look for some more jewels of wisdom. The best will be played back on the show each week so tune in and see if you made the cut. We do want to apologize for a computer glitch that erased about 40 messages when we converted the files. Sorry, but you can call back in and vent about it if you don't hear your submission. We have it all worked out now!
Wednesday Night 8-10pm EST