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Canard – Ferry – Wey – Ping – Coach Beams on DMXS Radio Tonight!

It is hard to believe that Millville was the first 450 outdoor race for Factory Honda's Trey Canard, but the talented big-bike rookie made the most of the much anticipated debut with a podium finish on the day. It appears that Trey will make the most of the five remaining races and may yet be a factor in the close ongoing championship battle of the top three.

Timmy Ferry was on our very first DMXS show over ten years ago and we always enjoy our walks down memory lane with Red Dog. He has remained relevant and involved in the sport after his retirement, including his recent gigs working with Canard and Stewart. We'll get the latest on the busy Floridian's schedule tonight as his lovely wife was gracious enough to share him for a bit on their date night.

Racer X's David Pingree is fortunately still writing and contributing to the sport that he lived for over half of his life. We like to check in every few weeks and get his take on the world according to Ping. It's usually very insightful, while at the same time sarcastic and downright belligerent, but we love him anyway.

The stars must have aligned just right to get another long-time and favorite on with some of our old-school guests tonight. Nick Wey is considered DMXS royalty and we'll roll out the Georgia red clay carpet for him tonight.

Coach Robb Beams is our resident trainer and health/nutrition expert on the show and we thought it would be timely to get everyone up to speed on taking good care themselves in the heat wave affecting most of the country. We will go over all the basics for riders and parents tonight on the safety tips and practices that should be common knowledge this time of year. You can get a ton of information and sign up for a free monthly newsletter and training tool from Coach Robb at

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