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Pastrana – Renner – Lemoine – Tilton on DMXS Radio Tonight!

Things did not go as planned for Red Bull's Travis Pastrana at X-Games this year, but the global phenom still added to his already impressive legacy while competing in Rally. The broken bones were still floating around in his foot when Travis and the team decided to tether the broken flipper to the car with tape and mount hand-controls for his throttle to get him on the line. We'll let TP describe the rest of the weekend now that he's had some time to digest what he valiantly put his body through once again, and get the latest on his recovery.

Ronnie Renner has been with DMXS from our humble beginnings and we always enjoy catching up with one of our favorite transplanted rednecks whenever his globetrotting FMX schedule allows it. RR will break down his X-Games week and we'll also hear about his detailed El Camino restoration project. Ronnie still holds the record for the longest consecutive burnout in Dothan, Alabama in a car with factory t-tops. That trophy sits right next to his five gold medals from the X-Games. Check out for info on his schools and guided free rides, too.

We've always said that one of the best things about this job is getting to know the riders and their families away from the track. You get a true sense of who they really are and not just a snapshot judgment from the weekend's race results. We know how hard Matt Lemoine has been training and riding this year and his solid support structure from his family and friends has never been stronger. We'll check in with the sexy Cajun tonight.

Scott Tilton from will tell us all about this unique and action sports focused site and how you can benefit from joining for free. You can post spots and events and connect with brands and retailers for special offers and savings. Check out and see what the 700,000+ members already know that you don't.
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