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Alessi – Weigandt – Casillas – MXFC on DMXS Radio Tonight!

MotoConcepts' Mike Alessi started out his new season well with a second-place heat race finish and a top ten in the main at Anaheim. Mike has always adapted well to new environments and you won't find a harder working rider in the pits. We'll check in with #800 tonight and get his feedback on the opening round as Phoenix quickly approaches.

It seems that fans can agree on very little when it comes to who they pull for on the track, but one rig that gets universal love and support in the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit and their team of dedicated professionals. The tireless effort in ensuring and promoting safety goes largely unnoticed because of their efficient care, but the riders and their families are more than appreciative that they're at the track every weekend. AMMU has just announced a new volunteer concussion testing program for SX and we'll have Eddie Casillas on tonight to discuss it further. This is a very important first step for our sport and further illustrates their commitment to safety for those riders that risk it all to race.

Jason Weignadt is one of our favorite bench racers and we had to get his take on the always exciting season opener. We're also glad that he's resurrected the Pulitzer-quality material in Blogandt that you can now find over at Check it out before he decides to pull it again for another few years. It's very entertaining and free.

MX for Children is a well-known charity within our community that raises money for children's hospitals across the country. Paul Gross is the founder and will be on tonight to discuss their auctions this year, including the all-access Inside Line Experience and Jackpot Challenge. We'll be giving away a track walk tonight a lucky listener so make sure to tune in for your chance to win and get the latest on this worthy charity. Aslo, check out www.MXforChildren.orgfor additional info.

We want to welcome on ONE Industries as a new show sponsor for the upcoming race season and we will be offering up tons of giveaway swag to our listeners during the show. Make sure to visit www.OneIndustries.comfor their new 2012 gear lineup!

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