Payton / Emig / Millsaps / Cox / Watson / Cotter

Pro-Circuit's Mitch Payton has been in this situation many times. The "General" of the Lites class strategically wields his team as others try and respond with just a few days until the season opener. I kind of picture Mitch in his office, late at night, with a supercross version of the classic board game Risk moving his players around in different scenarios on his way to world domination. That would be the cool version of it. He might just have some little figurines of his riders and play out some scenes like Capt Stillman did in Stripes, or Dark Helmet did in Spaceballs for you old enough to remember. We'll have to ask him that tonight.

We could not have a SX preview show without Jeff "Fro" Emig on to give us his insight before the gate drops this weekend. Fro has done an awesome job and has really found his TV groove as the past champion will once again be the familiar voice of supercross in the booth.

Factory Honda's Davi Millsaps is still relatively young in the sport, but the pressure to break through has never been more apparent for the likeable former Georgian. It's hard to say the window of opportunity is closing for the 21-year-old, but this is a pivotal season for him and there are many that think he is up to the task.

Racer X's Steve Cox has been around the sport for a lot of years and has become one of the premier journalist in the sport. He is well-respected with the riders and industry alike for good reason, and we look forward to his take on the season tonight.

Rockstar / Hart & Huntington's popular manager Kenny Watson has a cool ass gig going over there with his team. You can't pass through the pits without noticing that they are always having a good time and representing their sponsors well with the huge crowds always surrounding their setup. They also take their racing very seriously have some big changes for 2010. Kenny will fill us in on all that and more as we flatten out our bills for his interview tonight.

MX Sport's Tim Cotter is home recovering from yesterday's knee surgery after injuring himself by having to kick Jason Weigandt in the ass so many times. Tim is a trooper and will muster up the courage to still make the show and not disappoint his many fans.
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