DNA Energy Drink / Jeff Ward Racing rider Kyle Chisholm rode to his best SX Main finish of the season finishing seventh in Toronto Saturday night at the Rogers Centre. His teammate Josh Grant rode to a 12th place finish in the SX main after he had to race his way win by winning the SX Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) capping off a solid weekend for the DNA Energy Drink / Jeff Ward Racing team.

Leading up to the SX Main, Chisholm finished his SX Group A first qualifying practice 10th fastest with a lap time of 49.641. Grant, who was also in SX Group A finished his first qualifying practice 17th fastest with a lap time of 50.278. In the final SX Group A qualifying practice, Chisholm shaved off a little time from his first practice by finishing the final session 10th again with a lap time of 49.072. Grant finished his final qualifying session 16th quickest with a lap time of 50.499. Those times put Chisholm 10th fastest overall and Grant 18th fastest overall with both in SX Heat 1. Chisholm got out to a good start and rode to his best SX Heat race finish of the season finishing third advancing to the SX Main. Grant would finish 10th in SX Heat 1 which left him to try and race his way in through the LCQ. In the LCQ, Grant jumped all over it right out of the gates grabbing the holeshot and went on to battle it out with Bobby Kiniry to win the LCQ advancing to the SX Main solidifying two entries on the evening for the DNA Energy Drink /Jeff Ward Racing team. Chisholm's seventh place finish in the SX Main keeps him 12th in series points with 106, twenty-two points outside of the top-10. With Grant's 12th place finish, he moves from 25th in series points to 23rd.

Up next for the DNA Energy Drink /Jeff Ward Racing team is Houston for round 13 on Saturday, March 31st