Dr. H. Rey Gubernick, or Doc G as he is commonly known in the pit area, has at one point or another been a saving grace to nearly every rider. After receiving his education at BYU, UCLA, and Los Angeles Chiropractic College, he quickly found a role as healer to athletes in many forms of action sports, and thanks in part to Ivan Tedesco, became a mainstay in motocross. The RCH/Soaring Eagle/Dodge/Suzuki team has brought Doc G into the team as a sponsor and full-time doctor for riders Josh Hill and Broc Tickle, and even went as far as giving him an “office” on the road inside the trailer. Keeping your body loose and ache free is a major asset in motocross and even if you can’t swing by Doc G’s brick and mortar Natural Health Sports Therapy office in Costa Mesa, California, he recommends finding a local doctor to help you stay race-ready.