Dr. Leatt/Hahn/Wey on DMXS Radio Tonight

Dr. Chris Leatt began working on the concept of the Leatt neck brace back in 2001 and introduced it to the world in 2006. The revolutionary safety device has continued to evolve and is being used at every level throughout motocross and other forms of racing. The brace, however, is not immune to some criticism and Dr. Leatt will be on tonight for an objective discussion and taking questions from the racing community on those concerns. We will also discuss the advancements in research and technology at the Leatt Lab and what we can expect in the future from his company.

GEICO Powersports Honda's Wil Hahn is ready to put 2011 in his rear view mirror. The injury-plagued season continues for the likeable Texan with a concussion in the first moto at Unadilla. We'll get the latest on his recovery and if he'll be able to race any of the remaining rounds this season. The kid needs a break and we're hoping he can finish out the summer on a high note.

Valli Motosports Yamaha's Nick Wey is always a favorite guest on the show and the "Nyk" faithful make sure to let us know when they need their fix. Always a pleasure catching up Michigan Mafia's finest.

Old-school DMXS Radio fans are in for a treat tonight as we welcome Joey Casey back in the studio. Joey was a founding member of DMXS and Practice Track magazine way back in the day and has Georgia red clay roost running through his veins. We'll take a trip down memory lane with our good friend tonight.

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Wednesday Night 8-10pm EST