Continuing his London adventure, Drake visits the Docklands motocross track and rides with three-time World Enduro champ David Knight. After playing in the dirt, the guys hop on classic British motorcycles and cruise through central London on the way to the legendary Ace CafĂ©, an iconic petrolhead spot, where they chat with the owner. From there, Drake heads to Lord’s Cricket Ground, “the home of cricket,” and gets a lesson from international star Iain O’Brien. Thoroughly humiliated by his cricket experience, Drake samples the “nose to tail” dining at St. John, routinely honored as one of the world’s best restaurants, he wraps up his visit.

Drake’s Passage takes viewers to iconic cities around the world and showcases them through the eyes of Drake McElroy, one of the most stylish, cultured and respected riders in the freestyle motocross world.

As a judge for the Red Bull X-Fighters freestyle motocross world tour, McElroy visits several amazing locations, including Mexico City, Cairo, Madrid, Moscow, London, Rome, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Barcelona.

While on the road, there is no such thing as downtime. When he's not in the judging booth, Drake hits the streets to see what some of the world’s largest and most dynamic cities have to offer. He explores what makes each location unique, including art, music, food and sports, as well as venturing off the beaten path.

In addition to soaking in the local flavor, McElroy immerses himself in the culture of motorcycles in each country, where despite their cultural differences, riders share one common bond – the love of the motorcycle.

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