DVS Moto / Kevin Windham Claims First At Seattle Supercross

Despite Mid-Race Setback K-Dub Powers It Out To Victory

DVS Motocross Pro Kevin “K-Dub” Windham swept the competition at this year’s Seattle Supercross in what is being called one of the most exciting races of the year.

Windham’s victory didn’t come easy. Just as he settled into a comfortable early race lead a freak accident struck. As he was breaking away from the pack his bike sucked up a track banner—locking up his chain and forcing him to dismount his bike and tear it away before he could proceed. Windham lost five positions as a result of the rouge banner, but by the 18th lap he was able to restore his lead and close out the win.

Winham’s win in Seattle places him 10 points behind the leader with one round remaining in the 2008 Supercross circuit.

“This was seriously one of the best races I have ever seen in my life,” says DVS Moto Team Manager Dano Legere. “We are looking forward to another big win from K-Dub in Vegas this weekend!”

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