DVS Shoe Company X Games XIV Moto Results

Los Angeles Home Depot Center was the stage for this year's X-Games Moto X events and the competition was fierce, but the DVS team came out swinging.

DVS FMX Pro Mike Mason took home the bronze for his performance in the Moto X Freestyle event stomping his signature trick The Holy on the 120-foot jump, Mike also landed back flip, can cans, and backflip knack knack to no handers.

Meanwhile, in the Moto X Racing event, it was DVS rider Josh Grant that battled against fellow Honda riders Josh Hansen and Jeremy McGrath. After falling while battling with McGrath, Grant got up to put a charge on from 7th. When the smoke cleared, Josh walked away with the bronze.

Finally, as an honorable mention, DVS rider Ronnie Faisst landed a 360 back flip—a trick that has painfully eluded him for three years. The first year Faisst broke his foot attempting it, the second year he broke his wrist, but this year he stomped it!

"I couldn't believe the carnage this year," says DVS Moto Team Manger Dano Legere. "I was glad to see the DVS FMX and MX boys survive X Games 14 and I'm super proud of Faisst for defying all odds and pulling off the 360 after three years in the making.” Congrats Ronnie!