E Bash Update

The last couple days have been full of good and not so good news.  First the not so good.  Since the doctors ordered no more eating or drinking on Sunday we have kind of been in the dark on the plans for trying the clear liquids again.  One of the resident doctors on the trauma team that is looking after Elizabeth came in Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons to give us some updates and answer Cheryl’s questions.  The news was broke that she will not be able to eat or drink anything for at least 2 more weeks-maybe longer.  I don’t know about you, but that will be over 3 weeks with nothing-I would go crazy!!!  They put a line in her upper arm and are feeding her through that now because she has already lost 12 pounds since the injuries.  The newest plan of action is the good news – to fly her home to California and have a nurse meet us at the house to set up the IV machine with the TPN (bag of nutrient fluid).  They can also teach us how to work the machine (we already know how thanks to our terrible nurse last week) and she will be able to relax at home for the next couple weeks.  Once back out there she will get hooked up with a specialist and we will go from there.  The doctor here said that their treatment plans could vary, but he would keep her on the TPN for the 2 weeks then do all of the test again.  If everything looked good at that point then they would start clear liquids again, monitor the levels and hopefully start soft foods closely there after.  He can’t guarantee that things will be good enough in 2 weeks to start the eating/drinking process, but that would be his best case scenario.  She is feeling 10 times better, her bodies healing just doesn’t seem to be keeping up with her brain.  Hopefully they get the ball rolling on her release and she gets out here sometime this weekend.  We aren’t holding our breath because they don’t seem to be in too big of a hurry.  Keep the E-Greetings, cards, flowers and well wishes coming ! 
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Patient: Elizabeth Bash
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Thank you,
Charles Castloo # 424