Easton EXP Handlebar System

Easton EXP Handlebar SystemEaston, the pioneer in modern handlebar technology, hasannounced it will soon be introducing a new handlebarsystem designed specifically for the demands of modernmotocross and off road motorcycles. Currently beingtested by the Yamaha of Troy team and others, theEaston EXP handlebar system has begun to create a buzzin the motocross and off road communities.Easton EXP is not only a new handlebar, but a newhandlebar system. Like every product that bears theEaston name, the Easton EXP system’s formula for successlies in a rich history of proven engineering and performance.Eighteen years ago, Easton altered the face of off roadmotorcycle performance when we designed andengineered the sport’s first oversized 1 1/8 Taperwallaluminum handlebar. The Easton EXP handlebar systemcreates a new standard with its larger 35mm (1 3/8) size.Center, unique 8 bolt forged clamps, high gradehardware, and clever wraparound pad.So what is EXP? It’s a simple equation: Engineering timesPerformance – the formula for Easton’s latestbreakthrough in powersports technology.

The Easton EXP Bar System = Bar/Pad + Clamp + Hardware

The Easton EXP line –
• 9 distinct mx/ax/sx, woods, and freestyle bends
• 4 clamp styles fitting a broad range of current models
• 4 factory-fit hardware kits
• 5 grip models with covers and donutsKey Easton EXP Features
• 35mm oversize center section — ideal for distributionof energy
• Proprietary EA 70 Taperwall tubing — perfect forthis application
• Intelligent Flex — Ride enhancement built in
• Top Lock Design clamps with 8 bolt attachment
• Distributed Stress Technology (DST) to enhancedurability, and ride
• Unmatched durability, up to 4 times more durablethan any other motorcycle bar
• Limited lifetime warranty

Easton’s new EXP system once again raises the bar onhandlebar performance just as our original Taperwallhandlebar did almost two decades ago. The control andfeel of this bar system is unmatched by any other baravailable today.The Yamaha of Troy race team has chosen the EXP systemfor the 2008 season. Since late 2007, the team has beeninvolved in testing. Rider Zach Osborne raced on the EXPsystem at round one of the 2008 AMA Supercross series.Easton is currently planning to deliver the EXP handlebarsystem to dealers in Spring 2008. Prices are TBD.

For more details please visit www.eastonexp.com.