EKS Brand EKS-S Goggle

Price: $64.99

Colors: Black/Pink, Black/White, Blue/Black/White, Clear/Flo Green/Smoke, Clear/Flo Orange/Smoke, Cyan/Flo Orange/Black, Cyan/Flo Yellow/Flo Orange, Flo Orange/Black/White, Flo Yellow/Cyan/Fire, Red/White/Black, Red/White/Blue


EKS Grand Goggles have a long-standing reputation as one of the best dollar-for-dollar goggle values around. With years of experience as a professional racer, test rider, and R&D rider for manufacturers, apparel makers, and goggle companies; Rich Taylor set out to make a high-performance goggle that didn’t break the bank. And that’s exactly what the original GOX goggle was: straightforward and without a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles. The new EKS-S Goggle is the latest and greatest, and still maintains Taylor’s objectives. What’s new about the EKS-S? To achieve a better fit inside a wider range of helmet shapes and sizes, the EKS-S goggle strap is held on my an outrigger system. By utilizing outriggers that attach to the front of the frame, the strap pulls the goggle against your face, rather than across is. The EKS-S frame is based on the same basic shape as the original GOX and uses the same lens, which makes things easy for EKS Brand customers to keep track of spare lenses and tear-offs for both styles of goggle. Lastly, a removable nosepiece comes standard on the EKS-S goggle, and protects the wearer from flying roost and debris.


The outriggers change the fit of the goggle quite a bit, and do a great job of pulling the goggle against the wearer’s face for a great seal.

Quad-layer face foam is both comfortable and super absorbent. We have yet to sweat these babies out.

We love the nose piece, as it looks cool, protects against roost, and fits nicely inside all helmets.

In spite of the outriggers, which can often make it more difficult to install a new lens, the EKS-S goggle is very easy to perform lens swaps on.

The color combinations of all 11 choices are vivid and good looking.

The quality of the woven strap is excellent, and a silicone bead on the inside helps keep it in place on the helmet.

The anti-fog lens never fogs up.

We love the look of the hard-coated lens, and the reflective coating provides a pleasant hue to look through.


When compared to some of the newer “oversized” goggle offerings, the EKS-S goggle’s field of vision can seem standard.


At $64.99, the new EKS-S goggle is $15 more than the GOX goggle that we’ve all grown to love through the years, but the superior fit, cool new looks, and excellent nose guard more than justify the higher price tag. Furthermore, the premium EKS-S still costs less than many other top offerings.