EKS Brand Goggles have been a long-time staple here at the TransWorld Motocross offices. And why wouldn’t they be? In addition to being affordably priced (as low as $29.95), they fit great, keep the dirt out of your eyes, and come in all sorts of cool, good-looking designs and color combinations. Throw in the fact that our Senior Test Rider, Rich Taylor, founded EKS Brand eight years ago, and we practically have a familial connection with the brand.

One of the things we’ve always liked best about EKS Brand Goggles is their straightforward design. The frame is nice and flexible, and easy to remove and install lenses in. Unlike some goggles which feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, the seven-pin design of the EKS frame makes it easy to slide a new lens into each side of the frame, then snap into place in seconds. The four-layer face foam has never let us down as it holds a ton of sweat and will not drip, although the light-grey colored fourth layer that rests against your face makes it impossible for swap to booby trap with Sharpie pen ink… The frame shape is perfect and it fits inside every helmet we’ve ever tried, and the flexible frame allows the goggle to conform to any face shape or size.

A couple years ago, Taylor told us about a simple idea he had that would help remedy the age-old “pull-all-your-tearoffs-at-one-time problem.” The EZ Tear Strap Ramp is a simple (patent pending) plastic piece that clips on your goggle strap, and it is designed to deflect your thumb away from the entire stack of folded tearoff tabs, and guide you towards only the single tab that you need to pull.


Hollow on the inside, the folded tabs can actually be tucked inside the Strap Ramp, where they will stay until released, one at a time. We’ve actually been using the EKS Brand EZ Tear Strap Ramp for well over a year now, and it has never let us down as it does exactly what it is intended to do. While some riders are good at calmly reaching up to grab a tearoff in the air over a jump, others are a bit more ham fisted and just blindly reach and grab. The Strap Ramp will indeed guide your thumb to the right area, so that you can pinch only one tearoff tab and – as former Supercross announcer Terry Boyd would say – “BAM! Clear vision!”

In case you’re wondering, the Strap Ramp will work on all brands of goggles. At only $12.99, it’s cheap insurance to make sure that you can finish your race with clear vision. Click here or call 818/706-1700 to buy one!