We are siked to be heading into round two of the El Dorado Series this weekend! Milestone MX has made some improvements to the already popular facility which consistently hosts our largest turnouts of the year including SLAM Fest and Mini Major. The two track format will be complimented by a new start gate on the Vet track! That means a better first turn and a less hectic schedule of running two tracks off one gate like in the past.

We have some unique sponsor participation that you won’t want to miss. TORC1 Racing and ASV Inventions are new partners with TWMXRS and will be in attendance in the pits demo’ing and selling product. Of course our regulars from Spectro Oils, NEKEN will be doing Demo’s and Sales.

New for this weekend and something we hope to see more of in the future is PRO CIRCUIT who will be in attendance with their rider support vehicle. They are there to assist all manufactures and riders with their exhaust systems and technical needs. Make sure to stop by and say hi to John from Pro Circuit.

As you have likely seen our announcement earlier this week we are pleased to share that along with the enforcement of no spectators on the track during TWMXRS events we are working with the tracks who host our events to increase the number of flaggers, renew their training all in an effort to improve safety on the track. In recent history parents have ran into small riders forcing crashes and injury. Parents have been injured while being hit by riders and taken away by ambulance. We appreciate your help to follow this rule as we all understand that no number of flaggers or parents on the track can save every rider from injury. This is an inherently dangerous sport and we take many precautions to lower the opportunity for injury to riders and spectators at every stop.

If you missed our first round of the El Dorado Series please come by the registration truck and pick up a free 2018 calendar! It has all our event dates as well as Pro MX and SX dates. It’s full of great shots from the 2017 season and a sweet addition to any work space or garage.

For more information on the TWMXRS and to pre register and save $5 per class visit www.twmxrs.com