Elizabeth Bash Update

Submitted by Charles Castloo

Today was definitely an improvement over the last couple days and things seem to be headed down the road we were pushing for.  Elizabeth was a lot more awake and alert for most of the day today and is asking for the pain meds less.  The enzyme levels that they test for in her blood to determine how much her pancreas is leaking out are on the way down.  These numbers are some of the major determining factors for needing surgical repair. 

To give an idea, 2 of the tests that they were really focusing on for the pancreas are suppose to be under 100-roughly, but they peaked in the 1,100s.  Luckily last night’s and this morning’s lab results showed that they are in the 400s-500s, still way off of normal but a huge step in the right direction.  The 6 hour blood test have been backed down to once a day, which she was very happy about. 

One of the surgical team members came in earlier today and said that things are leaning more and more towards no need for surgery.  When we put him on the spot (doctors do not seem to like yes and no questions) he beat around the bush a little, but left us feeling confident that there will be no need for surgery-a huge relief for everyone.  He also reassured us that the spleen has shown no signs of changing courses and should heal up fine on its own-again when put on the hot seat there was no positive answer, but he says it looks good so far. 

When asked about the pelvis, he said he looked over the films again and still can’t find the break that the ER doctors saw when she first came in.  Cheryl and I are leaning towards trusting the ICU surgical doctor more than ER doctors.  She was also moved out of the Intensive Care Unit this afternoon and put in the Progressive Care Unit (has to be a good sign).  See below updated information for contacting her. 

Thankfully there was not much negative news today, but she was informed that she STILL cannot eat or drink anything for at least another day-probably longer.  She has not complained too much about being hungry, but has had some issues with the nurses and the difference between ice chips(added to her diet yesterday afternoon) and water.  She also has been running a fever for a while now that she can’t seem to get rid of it.  They did some different blood test this morning to try and determine the reason for it, but the preliminary results will not be back for 24 hours.  I will make sure to put the information we find out on the fever in the next update and hopefully its up in the positive news section!
Thank you for the cards, flowers, visitors, emails and E-Greetings.  She told me earlier to setup a paypal account to collect the donations for the Coach purse, but the kind words and prayers seem to be doing the trick!!!
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Patient: Elizabeth Bash
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