Due to unforeseen circumstances with the weather, EMXP is forced to postpone Round #1 of the Evergreen Triple Crown Fueled by Monster Energy previously scheduled for May 12 th, 2012. With the amount rain that the area has seen, we are unable bring in the extra dirt needed for the new Triple Crown additions to the track. We are also unable to do the considerable amount of track and facility upgrades necessary for an event this size do to amount of rain. EMXP is striving to set the bar as a top notch motocross park and will settle for nothing less.

With that said, we are splitting the $20,000 between the next two rounds for a total of $30,000 at each one. With this extra time, and hopefully a break in the weather, the July 7 th round of the Evergreen Triple Crown will go off even bigger.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry for any inconvienience.

Details on the July 7th Evergreen Triple Crown Fueled by Monster Energy will follow shortly and this will have no effect on the duration of the Thursday Night Motocross Series or our weekly practice dates.

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