Matt Schumann has recently been hired as the International Sales Manager with EVS Sports. Matt will head up the entire International Sales Department which will include expanding global brands and driving export sales.

Matt received his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from Utah State in 2000. He has gained previous sales experience by working for White Brothers, Alloy MX and the Valencia Sport Group. Matt will be bringing a multitude of different talents to the table as he begins his new career at EVS Sports. He encompasses the understanding that partnerships with customers creates longevity in the marketplace and looks at long term choices first over the quick dollar. Matt's frame of mind and strategic approach will provide stability for EVS and its distribution partners.

Matt truly enjoys working closely with friends in the industry and the energy that those working relationships create. His biggest personal asset is understanding that every day is a learning experience and realizing that everyone has a lot to learn.

With his passion for the industry, drive for success, knowledge of the sport and overall business experience, Matt will be a definite asset to the team at EVS Sports.

Contact info for Matt:

Matt Schumann – EVS Sports
International Sales Manager
2130 E. Gladwick St.
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
310.637.5000 t
310.637.9900 f
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