EVS Sports – New Hire Randall Hope

EVS Sports – New Hire Randall Hope

Rancho Dominquez, Ca. (October, 24 2012) РRandall Hoppe joins the EVS Sports team as the PR and Marketing Manager. Among his other duties, Hoppe will head up all PR, Marketing and promotional efforts. This will include planning, creation, and implementation of programs; as well leading the organization in all social media efforts.

Having grown up around wheels and motors his entire life, Hoppe developed a passion for motorcycles and racecars. An accomplished dirt track racer in California he has spent the majority of his professional Marketing career in the NASCAR industry. His passion for off-road motorsports and roots in motorsports has allowed him to work with some of biggest stars and organizations in the Motocross industry.

Hoppe received his Bachelor of Science degree in Communications with a minor in Public Relations from Cal Poly Pomona and a Masters of Sports Science degree in Marketing from the United States Sports Academy.
Hoppe's understanding and commitment to the motorsports industry will make him an asset to the EVS  organization.

Contact info for Randall:
Randall Hoppe
PR & Marketing Manager
EVS Sports/ Lift Safety
2130 E. Gladwick
Rancho Dominguez, CA. 90220
T: (310) 637-5000
F: (310) 637-9900
E: randall@evs-sports.com

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