Factory Connection is pleased to recognize all of the riders using Factory Connection suspension at the 2009 Mini O's.  Over the week long event, Factory Connection riders earned 32 Championships in total.  Factory Connection's trackside support staff worked hard to help their loyal riders such as Cooper Webb, Daniel Baker, Dakota Alix and welcome new riders to the FC team like Gannon Audette and Kyle Peters.

We congratulate all riders who use our suspension services and products on their efforts and accomplishments during this annual event.  As a company we are proud to have riders winning championships throughout the range of classes and virtually every manufacturer of motorcycle.  Mike Treadwell in the Vet classes, Jason Owen in 85cc classes, Jessica Patterson Women's class, Brad Allison C classes, Joey Savatgy B classes, and Eli Tomac A class… just to name a few.
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Happy Holidays to all and Best Wishes for a successful 2010… we'll see you at the track!