Factory Connection Works Mini Bladder Caps

Factory Connection caters to the Mini Bikes to offer them the same quality performance products as the big bikes. Our Works bladder caps have been specially designed for the minis. This extended bladder cap design allows for more nitrogen volume. The added volume keeps the shock cooler and reduces fade during hot conditions and longer motos. A more consistent ride is an additional benefit of the product. Machined from 6061 Aluminum the SHOWA model is RED anodized and KYB model is BLUE anodized for the works look.

Price: $64.95 Retail

Part #:

Fits: 05-07 CR85, 07-08 CRF150R, 89-07 RM80/85 (SHOWA) 88-08 KX80/85/100, 93-08 YZ85 (KYB)