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Carson Mumford and Jo Shimoda are two of motocross's most promising young racers and enjoy coveted rides with AMSOIL Honda, the amateur racing division of the professional GEICO Honda squad. They share a common goal: to make it to the top. However, that's where the similarities end. Mumford grew up in the SoCal mecca of motocross, and he's enjoyed factory support since he was on 65s. His parents have invested heavily in his racing career and allowed him to move away so that he would be closer to the team and the multitude of tracks the Golden State has to offer. Shimoda comes from the small town of Suzuki, Japan, and carries on his shoulders the hopes and dreams of his country. At the age of 10, Jo and his mother moved to California to submerge themselves in motocross culture, while his father stayed back in Japan to run the family businesses. Jo gained attention in 2016 by winning the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Supermini 2 Championship aboard a completely privately funded machine. FAST. is the tale of two racers from opposite sides of the world who have taken two very different paths to where they are now, side-by-side and poised to make the jump into the big leagues.

FAST. is presented by AMSOIL with support from OGIO, Alpinestars, and Yoshimura R&D.