Fenderbench Tool & Part Organizer
Price | $24.95


The Fenderbench is a simple invention. Equipped with an adjustable Velcro strap, it is a tray that you attach to your bike's rear fender to hold nuts, bolts, small parts, and essential tools while you work on your machine.


The elastic fastening strap holds the tray securely to the rear fender of your bike, which is a perfect place to store things during all maintenance tasks that don't involve the bike's subframe. In that instance, though, it can be attached to the front fender.

There are six compartments within the Fenderbench to keep nuts, bolts, and parts organized and separated. We like to keep all the bolts from the left side of the bike on the left side of the Fenderbench and vice versa.

Each corner of the Fenderbench has a slot made to hold a T-handle wrench. There are also four holes for screwdrivers. Other tools can be stored in the tray itself.


The only improvement we would make to the Fenderbench would be magnetic panels to keep the nuts and bolts securely in place.


The Fenderbench is one of those products you think is unnecessary— until you actually use it. Staying organized while working on your bike makes everything from routine maintenance to major overhauls much smoother. We slide our Fenderbench on every time we work on our test bikes!

Don't go to the track without one.

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