First Look | 2018 Fox Racing V3 Helmet

With Magnetic Visor Retention System


For 2018, the Fox Racing V3 helmet incorporates MVRS, or the Magnetic Visor Retention System. In addition to the internal MIPS liner which helps reduce the chances of suffering a rotational brain injury in the event of a crash, the MVRS does the same externally. In the event of a crash, the visor will disconnect from the helmet when it comes into contact with the ground, eliminating the chance of the peak acting as a lever, which can snag the ground and twist your head. Race tested by Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey and Ken Roczen, the visor has been fine-tuned and cannot be knocked free by roost alone. Check out the theory and science behind the visor – as well as some of the new 2018 Fox Racing riding apparel – with Fox Racing’s Communications Director Mark Finley.

Video by Chase Curtis