FMF Signs New Elite Athlete

With the new year right around the corner FMF racing is pleased to announce the signing of a new ELITE athlete to our Global Team. Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls of all ages, RONNIE MAC is officially on the FMF Roster. Hailing from the world renowned All American town of Shawnee, Oklahoma, population 29,857. RONNIE MAC is clearly the most touted athlete in town, if not all of Oklahoma.His cutting edge 1990’s bike skills and wildly popular video sections have garnered him a solid reputation amongst some of the greats in the industry and he has also earned his way onto the FMF ELITE TEAM. It’s no secret that RONNIE MAC’s success comes from his disciplined regimen of living strictly on light beer, fresh farm bacon, & mama’s flap jacks. He wears 1 pair of custom overalls, all day, every day, even during his rigorous training workouts as well as on weekends catching up on heavy demands of #farmlife. Ronnie Mac is a highly talented enigma wrapped up inside a riddle, which is why he has become a modern day living legend. All of this combined with Ronnie Mac’s latest claims of saying his family owns the FMF brand, we only thought it right to honor him with the recognition he damned well deserves. Welcome To The FMF Team RONNIE MAC!!

Style for Days Motocross Forever

FMF Racing is Ronnie Mac Approved!


Thanks to Blake Shipman for the amazing video Skills capturing Ronnie in his element.