ONE Industries will be supporting Ivan Tedesco's trip from St. Louis to Southern California and will be doing it online so his fans can stay connected. The injuries that Tedesco sustained in his crash last Saturday night will prevent him from flying for several more days. ONE Industries has arranged for an SUV to be ready to leave St. Louis as soon as Ivan is released from the hospital today.

Ivan is anxious to get home and is ready to get out of the hospital room that he has been in for the past 6 days. ONE Industries will be providing video and Twitter updates from Ivan's journey including a stop in his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ivan's long time mechanic Frankie Latham stayed back in St. Louis with him and is looking forward to the road trip. "I hope we can keep the trip fun so Ivan can focus on getting healthy and not dwell on things that are out of his control" commented Frankie from Ivan's hospital room.


Scott Taylor from ONE Industries will also be along for the trip. "Ivan has been blown away by the support of his sponsors and fans. He is a very tough guy and is looking forward to getting back on a motorcycle as soon as possible" commented Taylor. "I hope that we can make Ivan laugh and at the same time share our journey with Ivan's fans" continued Taylor.

Ivan is scheduled to be released from the hospital today. Fans can check for updates starting Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend.