Fox Vue Goggle

Price: $119.95


What It Is

Developed in close conjunction with Honda HRC's Ken Roczen, the all-new Fox Vue Goggle features a pre-curved, injection-molded polycarbonate lens for superior impact and penetration resistance, and an innovative frame and strap design that makes for easy and quick lens changes. The wide frame is designed to offer excellent peripheral vision and has a dual compound construction with a TPS faceplate to conform to your face shape, and an ABS/nylon outer frame to support the lens and create a positive seal. The goggle is designed to sit closer to the rider's face, thus reducing distractions from the sides of the frame and sitting deeper inside the helmet. The 45 mm wide strap attaches to the frame via outriggers that are removed from the frame by pivoting them outward and upward. This exposes the lens, which is secured by the same two posts on each side of the frame that the outriggers are attached to. Three-layer face foam wicks away sweat.


The first thing we noticed about the Vue was how sturdy the feels, thanks mostly to the injection-molded lens, but also because of the dual-compound frame.

Comfort is exceptional, even though the triple-layer face foam seems to be on the thinner side per Roczen's request. The softer inner layer of the frame allows the goggle to conform to any face shape or size.

The lens is noticeably closer to your face than with many other offerings on the market. This makes the frame virtually undetectable in your field of vision, and also greatly reduces the distractions from mud on your lens.

This is absolutely, positively, the easiest goggle to disassemble for a thorough cleaning of the lens and frame as it breaks down into three pieces. Lens changes are a breeze and require only a few seconds. Best of all, the process leaves no fingerprints or smudges on the lens that must be wiped clean.

The impact and penetration resistance offered by an injection-molded lens is much greater than a standard flat, stamped lens, and this offers greater protection and peace of mind. A modern-day 450 is capable of hurling rocks and roost towards your eyes at a deadly velocity.


The only negative we encountered with the Vue was a very slight fogging issue on a cold day while on a low-speed trail ride. We've not encountered any fogging on the motocross track.

The Verdict

Fox Racing has been in the goggle game for several years now, but with its all-new Vue Goggle the apparel and clothing company establishes itself as a major player in the category. We love it.