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“We are sorry if you are offended or have a problem with the word FxCK! We are offended and have a problem with the word CANCER!” —Fxck Cancer

Most of us have been impacted by cancer at one point or another in our lives, so when we heard that Josh Hansen was teaming up with the FC Cancer Foundation, also known as Fxck Cancer, at round six of Monster Energy Supercross in San Diego, California, we were happy to get the opportunity to tag along. Through Fxck Cancer and the Dyin 2 Live Dream program, Devin Wilhelm, a 24-year-old cancer fighter who has been battling brain cancer for the last four years, was able to spend the day with Hansen and Team 100 before heading into the stadium later that night to catch the races. When the day was winding down and teams started getting ready for the night show, we had the chance to speak with Devin and Hanny, as well as the executive director of Fxck Cancer, Eric Frega, to find out more. Check out the video and read more about Fxck Cancer below, or go to www.fxckcancer.org to see how you can get involved. And fight on! #TeamDevin

WARNING: If you love cancer and hate the F word, do not watch this video.

More about Fxck Cancer from the fxckcancer.org website.

The F C Cancer Foundation "Fxck Cancer" was started in Huntington Beach, California by our friend Brandon McGuinness after being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2005. He was an avid surfer, skater, snowboarder, and loved by everyone who knew him. Brandon lost his life to cancer in 2007 at the very young age of 26 years old. He started the F C Cancer Foundation in order to help victims and their families battle this terrible disease. The F C Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with its proceeds going towards raising awareness, education of early cancer detection, and helping victims along with their families deal with this ongoing epidemic through the Dyin 2 Live program. Join us, Together We FIGHT!

The F C Cancer Foundation's mission is to fight cancer by raising awareness and to educate about early cancer detection, ultimately putting an end to late stage cancer diagnosis. Through our Dyin 2 Live (Wish-Granting/Dream) program, we look to enrich the lives of those fighting cancer by offering them an experience that will bring joy, hope, inspiration, and courage to their lives. In doing this, the program hopes it can help give the patient a chance to forget, even if it's only for a day what they are battling. We hope it can be used as a source of inspiration to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour.

Through F C Cancer Foundation's extensive network of friends, supporters, and affiliates, we are able to fulfill the dreams of individuals currently fighting cancer and present them with one of a kind experiences and opportunities. We feel that a Dyin 2 Live Dream can offer a source of inspiration for those undergoing difficult medical treatments and be a positive force that offers a life-changing impact not only to the patient, but also the family, donors, sponsors, and even entire communities to overcome their obstacles.

The first Dyin 2 Live Dream came true in 2011 when a small group of caring people and one professional athlete helped a boy fulfill his dream of meeting his favorite race car driver. Since then we have granted numerous Dyin 2 Live Dreams to patients in the United States.

The F C Cancer Foundation (Fxck Cancer), is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. In no way are we organized for the private gain of any person. We are organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. 100% of public funds go directly into the F C Cancer Foundation to fulfill its mission. A portion of the funds that are raised from major donations and third-party fundraising go towards administrative expenses and overhead.

The F C Cancer Foundation is working to become one of the nations more well-known charities with its grassroots foundation and fulfillment of its mission. With a network of nearly 40 volunteers, it enables the Foundation to serve those with life-threatening cancer diagnosis. The Dream Team (volunteers) work as dream fulfillers, fundraisers, special events assistants and in numerous other capacities.

The F C Cancer Foundation finances its work through individual contributions, corporate donations, foundation grants, and planned gifts. It receives no federal, state, or local government funding. Dreams are granted regardless of the child's race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs or any other demographical category.

Dyin 2 Live Dream referrals come from parents or guardians, from members of the medical community, and from the cancer patients themselves. When a Dream Team first visits a cancer patient, they start with one simple question: "If we could make your dreams come true, what would it be?" Dreams usually fall into one of four categories: "My dream is to go to…", "My dream would be to meet…", "My dream is to be…" or "My dream is to have…"

The fulfillment of a dream creates something magical for the cancer victim when they need encouragement and joy the most. We make every effort to include the immediate family in the patients Dyin 2 Live Dream because watching a dream come true creates hope, strength, inspiration, and joy for everyone involved in the experience. We are dedicated to making every eligible cancer patients dream come true.

For more information on the F C Cancer Foundation please visit www.fccancerfoundation.com. If you are currently fighting cancer or know of someone in the fight who could benefit from a Dyin 2 Live Dream please submit your story and tell us why and how a Dyin 2 Live Dream would help. Also, anyone interested in being a supporter, volunteer, or donor please contact us at mywish@dyin2live.org.

A few words by Brandon McGuinness, Founder of the F C Cancer Foundation…

"Some would describe me as a person just looking for a good time… funny, wicked sarcastic, and mostly big hearted. In October 2004 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, affecting my immune system and blood cells. Since then I've been through 3 surgeries, tons of test, 6 months of chemotherapy, 2 months of radiation, and all the other shit that comes with this ordeal. Currently, I am still battling cancer by frequent trips to the doctors, doing weeks of hospitalized chemotherapy sessions and other emotionally wrenching experiences. I am planned to go through a bone marrow transplant soon while currently conditioning my body with heavy chemo, more radiation, they say hospital for a couple weeks. You know people say we're special, those that have cancer. I don't want to be any more special than you… And deep down I know I'm not. Things happen for a reason and my reason is to spread the word, give my support to other cancer patients, and take time to realize why I am here. I have the best friends, so prompt on each and every one of them. My life has changed, but the way they treat me hasn't. I'm not one for sympathy. I'm still here doing everything I used to. I'm high, on life. Life is too short… You never make it out alive… So I'm going to do my best and live like it's my last day every day… People ask me how I deal with it so well, "I DON'T KNOW" I say. I just carry on with life and do things that take those thoughts of cancer away. The less I think of it, the less it bothers me… But not saying it doesn't get to me would be a lie when it does, "IT DOES". But deep down I know I gotta keep movin'… How would you deal with it??? You will never know hopefully… When all is said and done, I have tried to be the best I can and those who know me, always will. I'm here to support those who have cancer or have had family or friends dealing with it. I would like to give a special thanks to all my family and friends for all their support… All the McGuinness', my pops & mom, uncles Mike, Kevin and Aunt Patti. Cousins Mugs, James, Christie, and Chad Cox. They have been behind me 100%. I love my family… I'm blessed to have all my supporters that care… I can't thank you enough.

Brandon Sean McGuinness passed away December 12, 2007

Cousin of Brandon McGuinness. Oversees the foundation's day to day operations and its objectives. Professional snowboarder for 13 years, surfer, and skateboarder. Marketing Manager with a Fortune 500 company in Irvine, CA. Has dedicated his life to the future of the Foundation.

As a cancer survivor, he has made it his life's mission to do what it takes in order to raise awareness and educate others about early cancer detection in order to save lives. USMC Veteran who holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California Baptist University, nearly 11 years of sales and marketing management who has a resourceful insight in strategic management methodologies. Frega, has the poise and dedication to complete the Foundation's goals and objectives.