Give SuperSprox Stealth Chainwheels For The Holidays

Give SuperSprox Stealth Chainwheels For The Holidays

Supersprox Stealth Sprockets have been around for 13 years and racers have tried to destroy the Stealth through all of the elements in the world. Being made from the highest quality aluminum inner and steel teeth put together with stainless steel rivets makes it hard to compete against in sprocket life. The teeth are coated in a Black Zinc 15Mu finish which will protect the teeth from the elements you put your bike through. You can now get some color choices for your bike.

Supersprox Stealth Sprocket $79.95

For your Honda you can have a Gold or Red inner core in sizes 48T-53T
Yamaha Black, Blue or Gold 48T-52T
KTM Gold or Orange 48T-52T
Husqvarna, Gas Gas and Beta Gold or Red 48T-52T
Kawasaki and Suzuki is Gold 48T-52T

Or if you want something different, Supersprox also offers "on demand CNC sprockets" which is custom made in the color and tooth size you want. You can choose from Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver and soon Orange. Pricing is $109.95 for a 520 chain pitch sprocket.

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