Goldentyre Launches The Goldentyre USA Office

TALLAHASSEE (Florida) — 2012 marks an important step for the Goldentyre family. Thanks to this always growing mentality, Goldentrye is pleased to announce the opening of the Goldentyre USA office. Led by industry leader Stefy Bau, former Women World, USA, and Italian motocross champion, along with her team, Goldentyre USA office aims to help establish the brand in all different disciplines in the US market.

Stefy Bau, of Goldentyre USA Office: “I've known Marco for few years now and overtime we've crossed paths at various events around the world. At every one of those events, my parting statement to him was: Marco, you need to be in the US. I’m happy that when the opportunity matured, Marco decided to work with me and my team to make it happen. I believe that Goldentyre has all the potential to be successful in the US. It's a vibrant brand and it listens to the riders demand, but what's important is that they can come up with the product desired in a
considerable limited amount of time. In my opinion, this is what's going to make the difference here. With a demanding and constantly evolving market, I feel Goldentyre has the magic formula to establish and adapt itself in the ever competitive US territory.”

Marco Cavallini, owner of Goldentyre: "From the beginning, our ultimate target market has been the US as it being an important step for our overall growth. We waited for few years to make this step while studying the market, coming onto the territory multiple times, and learning what was needed to be a better and more competitive company in this market. We feel we are now ready to introduce to the US our world wide recognized products. After looking for a respected connector, with professional experience in the industry, we found Stefy Bau and her team have exactly what we need to be able to keep growing and establish our self in the US. We understand a presence in the US can be challenging, but that same challenge is what motivates us to continue creating better products. We have a few of the best riders in the world on our equipment and we feel confident that we will be able to achieve satisfaction in the US. We would be honored to work with some of the best American teams and promoters. We are proud to have locked in the first important step with Dennis Anderson and PRO USA SUPEMROTO series by becoming the Official Spec Tires for 2012- 2014. We will do everything possible to satisfy the US market and demand."

In a short amount of time Goldentyre and Goldentyre USA were able to seal a deal with the new and exciting USA PRO SUPERMOTO series to become the Spec Tires of the championship while proclaiming themselves as the best tire in Supermoto racing world wide (i.e. Goldentyre is the official supplier of Supermoto tires in the FIM World Supermoto Championship and the European

Pro Supermoto Championship). This first US accomplishment is the beginning step toward Goldentyre's goal of global recognition.

For more information in regards to Goldentyre USA, check us out at You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and YouTube: @GoldenTyreUSA – Toll free: 855.USA.TYRE (855.972.8973)

Stay tuned for more and exciting news to come out of GoldenTyre USA office soon!

About Goldentyre:
Established in the early eighths in Italy as a group of technicians with wide experience in the research of tires and compound, Goldentyre was then acquired in 2004 by Buymec srl a group of 4 partners with background in the industry. Today, Goldentyre is a young and dynamic company specializing in the production and distribution of motorcycle tires, working in strict collaboration with various teams in different motorcycle discipline such as Minicross, Extreme Enduro, Supermoto, Motocross/Supercross, Enduro WEC, Speedway, Trial, Flat Track and more to create the best performance tires on the market, while also developing the Mousse system. Graham Jarvis, Steffi Laier, Julien Bill are few of the top names in the world to have chosen Goldentyre for their racing success. Are you ready to grip in this “race ready” world?