GoPro Footage From X Games Brazil

Pulling a double-grab backflip or hucking over a bar perched 31 feet in a the air are feats that most, if not all, of us will never achieve. The talent level that Taka Higashino, Lance Coury, and Bryce Hudson posses is something that very few in world can claim, but the three riders made their gold medal runs at the 2013 X Games in Brazil look effortless. Thanks to GoPro Hero3 HD cameras mounted to their helmets, the rest of the world can see what it is like to put a motorcycle in places that it was never intended to go.

Taka Higashino 2013 X Games Brazil Freestyle Motocross Gold Medal Run

Bryce Hudson 2013 X Games Brazil Step-Up Gold Medal Run

Lance Coury 2013 X Games Brazil Speed & Style Gold Medal Run