When it comes to career advice, few have better wisdom to share than Ricky Carmichael. We all know that The GOAT amassed a number of titles in amateur and professional racing, claimed a staggering number of wins, and become one of the most recognizable faces of our sport. Hookit recently sat down with Carmichael to learn what helped make his career so impressive, and the simple words speak volumes to the next generation of racers…

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? 

“To be honest I have to say I don’t have many regrets. My family was so behind me and they helped guide me, but also let me make my own decisions. I really tried to be appreciative and take care of my sponsors and was loyal so I had a lot of people who stuck with me throughout my entire career. If I were to change one thing though…it would have been working more early on to be more personable. Early on I was always being approached for interviews and autographs signings that I would turn down or walk away from because I always thought winning was more important than being cool with the fans. I did a lot but I feel like I could have done more to be involved from the beginning. I’ve since been on the other side of that when I started racing cars and now know what it feels like to want to get interviewed or have people ask you to sign an autograph and not get recognized. Having that admiration is special and it should never be taken for granted.”

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