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Grant Hutcheson

Everyone in the paddock has a story about how they got there. The racers are by far the most chronicled, but we’re making it a point to talk to those that we see every weekend and have a hand in what that occurs on the circuit. Mechanics are among the most interesting and important, as they build every machine for competition and serve as the closest support a racer can have. A few Spanner videos have popped up here and there through the early part of the year, and expect many more to come soon.

Grant Hutcheson has been alongside Justin Bogle at GEICO Honda practically from the start of the racer’s tenure with the team, and the pair have a perfect working relationship. Together they have gone through nearly everything possible in the first years as a professional; a tense learning year, list of injuries, breakthrough rides, and finally a championship. As Hutcheson notes in his interview, the two vibe off of each other and the mood with one is almost identical to the other’s.

“Hutch,” as he is known in the pit area, originally hails from California, but his early years in the the center of the state were a bit removed from the culture that helps fuel the southern portion. An MMI alumni, he made the necessary connections quickly and eventually earned his current role as mechanic on the Honda CRF250R raced by Bogle.

Hutch gets regular shout-outs from @captain891 on Instagram, and you can find him at @hutch594…

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Grant Hutcheson | Spanner