Grant Langston Forms Langston Racing Academy

Multi-time U.S. and World MX/SX champ Grant Langston opens MX school
Langston's newly formed Langston Racing Academy taps on the champ's firsthand expertise in racing – and winning – motocross races worldwide

ORANGE, Calif., (December 14, 2010) – Champion racer Grant Langston sees an area in motocross that for years has lagged behind other sports. When developing young motocross racers, or taking expert racers to the pro level, motocross, according to Langston, has lacked the structured coaching segment that other stick & ball sports enjoy.

With that in mind the former AMA MX Nationals 125 & 250 champ, twice 125 AMA Supercross regional champion and FIM MXGP 125 champ is transitioning from the seat to the side of a motocross bike with the forming of the new SoCal-based Langston Racing Academy.

"Parents can get to the point to where they don't know what to do anymore. Their kid may have raced and progressed enough, but like with any sport, to make it to the pro level you have to involve a coach," explained Langston. "Up to now motocross hasn't had what stick and ball sports enjoy, hasn't had that structure. And with Langston Racing Academy I'm looking to bridge that gap."

Outside the obvious – his four major championships – Langston figures he can, at the very least, direct up-and-coming racers, and even guys at the pro level, on the best course to take while avoiding the mistakes he'd made over the years, learning the hard way in any one of a number of areas.

"With my experience in racing and my love for the sport as well, I always wanted to move on to be a coach," said Langston. "Whether it's taking a kid from a young age that has aspirations of being a great racer, to taking someone who's almost there and helping them get to the level they've dreamed of attaining. There's always room for improvement, no matter how fast you are or what age you're at.

"And from a kid on a 50, to a guy on a 450, I'll be able to help with that."

Southern California based, Langston Racing Academy is located dead center in the Mecca of motocross. That said, Grant still has that "Have bike, will travel" attitude if there's interest outside the 909. So from a quick lesson for some advice on areas like sustaining corner speed, setting up for jumps and/or pulling holeshots, to something long term with interaction on a weekly basis, if you're interested in riding lessons from Grant Langston, feel free to hit him up online at: