Hamblin to Ride a Tuf Powersports YZ450F in Outdoors

Tuf Powersports of Dekalb, Illinois has announced their plans to support Sean Hamblin for the 2008 Outdoor Motocross series. The former Suzuki factory rider has recently returned home to the US after a year in Europe competing in the FIM World Championship MX2 class.

“I wanted to put something together so he could get to the races” stated Tuf Powersports Andy Stacy. As a member of factory Maico, Husqvarna and Team Tamm in the 1980’s Stacy can relate to the ups and downs of professional Motocross and the struggles to find support and competitive equipment.

Hamblin noted, “Thanks to the RacerX Films last week I have gotten in contact with Andy and he’s going to be my biggest help and supporter to return to racing in the US aboard a Yamaha YZ 450F. I have been in Florida for a bit now, training and riding with a great friend; Grant Langston. Together with Josh Grant and Will Hahn we’ve got our own little click and push each other throughout the week. I am really looking forward to Glen Helen in May and I want to thank Andy and everyone at Tuf for all their help.”

Andy continues “Sean is a good guy, I believe he is the real deal and last year in Europe was good for him. It will be cool for us to help him out.” In addition to providing bikes and parts to Hamblin Tuf will also cover entry fees and assist with additional expenses.

Hamblin will bring along his mechanic from England and Active 8 has stepped up and agreed to haul Sean’s bike to the races and allow him to work out of their truck. Check out www.tufpowersports.com for updates.