Hammerhead Announces Winners…

Hammerhead Designs announces winners of the Jeremy McGrath signed Troy Lee Designs Helmets

Redwood City, CA Twenty-Ten is starting just a little sweeter for Dakota Brunson and Trevor Lewis, winners of the Hammerhead Designs, Inc. helmet contest.

During the last quarter of 2009, Hammerhead Designs, Inc. held an online drawing through it’s website HDMoto.com, RacerXonline.com and Motocross.Transworld.net for two Troy Lee Designs helmets signed by the one and only Jeremy McGrath. The contest ran through December 31, 2009 and when all the entries were in, Dakota Brunson of Utah and Trevor Lewis of Arizona were victorious.

Dakota Brunson, 15, has been riding since he was 5 years old. When asked why he loves Motocross Dakota said, “I love Motocross because for me it’s an escape from the real world to just go have fun for a couple of hours with my friends.” Dakota says he “always [has] and always will like Jeremy because he is one of the few people I grew up watching with my dad that we both liked.”

Trevor Lewis, 9, entered the contest for his dad, “Disgo” because he says his dad is “the best dad ever” and that they love Jeremy McGrath. Trevor got to meet McGrath in Anaheim back in 2008 when he was selected to race in the Junior Supercross Challenge. Trevor is currently training for Loretta Lynn’s under the guidance of his dad, a former racer in the 70s and 80s. “If I win the helmet I would wear it in the main race at Loretta Lynn’s and then my dad would keep it on display in his office,” said Trevor.

“We are stoked to have two kids that are so enthusiastic about the sport win the helmets. After we selected our winners, we later noticed that Dakota entered to win 5 times a day for about two solid months, talk about dedicated. And Trevor and his dad are great ambassadors of the sport. We wish you luck at Loretta Lynn’s Trevor!” said John Clark, owner of Hammerhead Designs. “We would also like to thank RacerX and Transworld Motocross for taking part in our helmet contest. Your readers and fans showed great support for Hammerhead during this online event.”

Hammerhead Designs was launched with the intent to provide new and better parts and innovative accessories for Motocross bikes. For more information on or to purchase Hammerhead parts and apparel, visit www.hdmoto.com or call us at 866 HDMotoX (866-436-6869).