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Hammerhead Designs Inc. Press Release

Hammerhead Designs Inc. Announces
Best of the Best


Transworld Motocross Magazine celebrates in its 100th magazine issue the “Top 100 Best of the Best”, their all time favorite products from 100 issues released. Hammerhead products appear as 3 of the best 100 selected products. No other manufacturer has more parts listed!

shift lever Hammerhead               Shift Lever
“If you look at any one of our test bikes, you’ll likely see a Hammerhead Shifter installed.  Built strong to last through almost anything, the Hammerhead Shifter not only is it build well, but it’s also available in various colors and lengths to further customize your ride.”  $69.95.
Hammerhead Brake Lever
“Just like the Hammerhead Shift Lever, the Hammerhead Brake Pedal is nearly as important for not only performance but bling.  Making it even cooler is the fact that it can be ordered in various colors and lengths – like the shifter- for different sized feet.”  $159.95 – $169.95 including a Brake Clevis (a $35 value) and Brake Snake!


Hammerhead Rocket         Launcher Holeshot Device
“Just like every product Hammerhead makes, their Holeshot Device is precision machined and will not fail you.  Designed for all Japanese OEM, the Rocket Launcher can only help your starts and at less than 100 bucks, it won’t break the bank either.”  $99.95 -TWMX staff

Thanks for all the support TWMX. For more information about TWMX “best of the best”, check out their October issue, as well as www.twmx.com

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