Hammerhead Designs, Inc. is an official licensee for the patented Tamer holeshot device

Redwood City, CA – John Clark, President of Hammerhead Designs, Inc. and Kevin Maret, inventor of the pin-style holeshot device, holder of U.S. Patent No. U.S. 7,051,852 B2 announced they have entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement for past and future royalties on holeshot devices manufactured Hammerhead Designs, Inc. Hammerhead Designs, Inc. acknowledged the validity of the Kevin Maret patent and signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement.

Kevin Maret has been manufacturing his own “Tamer Holeshot Hook Up” holeshot devices with his patent number on the devices. Maret stated: “For years I have put certain manufacturers on notice of the infringement of my patent and offered non-exclusive licensing agreements, but have been ignored to date, except by Hammerhead Designs, Inc., KTM and a few others. I intend to vigorously enforce the patent against any infringing party. Hammerhead Designs Inc. has done the right thing, and others should do so or face treble damages for patent infringement.”

“I am very pleased to have completed this License Agreement with Kevin.” Clark said. “For the past two seasons the Hammerhead Rocket Launcher Holeshot Device has won more holeshots leading to more race victories than any other brand and these wins led to both the 2008 and 2009 Supercross Championships for our sponsored riders. More than anything else, we are thrilled that this Agreement means that the teams and riders that use our product can continue to do so without any infringement issues.

“We recognize and respect that Kevin had been awarded this Patent and we appreciate being one of the manufacturers chosen to be licensed such that we can continue helping our teams and riders win races. As an American motorcycle parts company that holds patents for our own products, we appreciate the rights and privileges that we enjoy as Americans, and that includes the protection services of the US patent program.

“This agreement guarantees that on January 9th our teams riders can line up at the starting gate at Anaheim 1 knowing that we support not only them but the rights of every American standing behind them and cheering for them.”
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