Hell On Wheels MC Moto-X Rally

There’s far more to this sport than the flashiest gear, newest bike, and latest hop-up. As a modern motocross publication, we know that the majority of our readership’s interest steers this way and we do our best to cover this aspect, but we can’t help but be drawn to underground vintage moto-slash-hooligan scene that is the Hell On Wheels MC. At first glance they look like a rag-tag group in pieced together bikes from yesteryear, but soon you’ll see there is a deep camaraderie shared by the dusty looking riders in matching cotton jerseys.

Hell On Wheels has swept Southern California with its low pressure, good times vibe which has even spread across the Pacific to Japan. What happened at vintage rally in the Land of the Rising Sun is another story in itself, but it shows that everyone can get behind a unique brand of fun. As soon as GT and the crew got their bikes back from customs, they headed to Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California, for another day in the hotbed of motocross culture. Sure, there were races held and checkered flags to chase, but that was just one of the many elements which made this year’s event one to remember.

For more on the vintage club, check out hellonwheelsmc.com